Autor: javidnabiyev

Queer Refugees for Pride: „Nothing about us, without us“


First of all I would like to give information about myself. I’m Javid Nabiyev from Azerbaijan. In Azerbaijan I was working as a LGBTI Human Rights defender and I became as first openly gay politician. In Azerbaijan unfortunately we have a dictatorship government. Under these circumstances, there are no basic human rights, freedom of expression / speech / media, we experience fake elections and etc. Among the 49 member states of the Council of Europe we are in the last place regarding LGBTI Human Rights, even Russia ranks before us at #48 ( ILGA Europe Report 2016). Because of persecution and risk of being arrested I came to Germany in January of 2015. In my homeland I was accused of like sabotaging the government and being a spy of west. I came to Germany with a hope to continue my work / fight for LGBTI Human Rights in Azerbaijan. I thought here would be better conditions, freedom, and safety. Unfortunately the life in refugee camps, in refugee dormitory didn’t pay for my expectations which I …