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daily reports #2

This is a report about the second part of the exange between GRÜNE JUGEND and TFYE from Tunesia. 20 young women from Germany and Tunesia spend 10 days together in Stuttgart and Straßbourg having an exchange. The program is focussed on feminist and ecological topics.

by Hanna and Narimene


Sunday, 8th of March

On Sunday we started our day with a workshop on intersectionality, made by Leonie. After Leonie’s input we had a vivid and emotional debate. As it was International Women’s day we felt that we still have to find solutions for many problems and for all types of discrimination. And, most important, as women, we have to stand together against any form of oppression and discrimination.

Lunch was at an Asian place (yummie summer rolls!). The afternoon offered freetime for everyone. Some of us chose to climb up a hill called Birkenkopf, from where we had a great view on Stuttgart. The sun was shining and we stayed for a long moment and took a rest. Some of us also went to the Mercedes Benz museum this afternoon. The afternoon was a great occasion to relax and to talk among us. We took dinner in form of a proper German “Veschper”.

As it was International Women’s Day we watched a movie (“Iron Jawed Angels”) after dinner. Also, we are proud on the video that we made on the occasion of International Women’s Day inspired by Johanna’s idea.


Hiking in the sun to Birkenkopf

Monday, 9th of March

On Monday we went to the Women’s Information Centre (Fraueninformationszentrum – FIZ) in Stuttgart, a center which deals with counselling for human trafficking and labour exploitation. Women who have been victims of human trafficking can approach the centre and the employees help them by councelling and give them shelter and legal support. Doris Köhncke, head of the team and her assistant Jessica Schuhkraft, introduced us to their work and answered all of our questions. Even if most of the topics were very difficult and heavy, we left the centre inspired by Doris’s and Jessica’s great effort to improve the situation of women.

Afterwards, we met Anna Derparnay-Grunenberg, chairwoman of the Greens in the local council of Stuttgart. We went for a walk through the centre of Stuttgart and we explored an urban gardening project on the roof top of a parking lot. We also learned about the local Green politics, for example their project of a participatory spending policy, where citizens can suggest their own ideas to the council.


Sharing experiences during the Event

In the evening, we came together for a discussion about the Revolution in Tunisia. Young guests from different countries like Tunisia, Egypt and Germany joined our event. The Tunisian participants shared their experiences about the revolution and talked about youth participation in the elections and feminism before and after the revolution. They concluded that they still have challenges to face and to work on, for example the economy situation and the long process of democratisation.

The project is funded by Germany’s Foreign Office and is part of the German-Tunesian Transformation Partnership.

Das Projekt wird im Rahmen der deutsch-tunesischen Transformationspartnerschaft vom Auswärtigen Amt gefördert.

Seit dem 1. Februar 2014 ist der SPUNK das Online-Magazin des Bundesverbandes der GRÜNEN JUGEND.

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