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daily reports #3

This is a report about the second part of the exange between GRÜNE JUGEND and TFYE from Tunesia. 20 young women from Germany and Tunesia spend 10 days together in Stuttgart and Straßbourg having an exchange. The program is focussed on feminist and ecological topics.

Tuesday, 10th of March: Workshop day

by Lara

The fifth day started with a visit at the Landestag Baden-Württemberg, where we had the opportunity to meet Brigitte Lösch, the current green Vice president of the Landtag. She explained the electoral system that disadvantages disproportionately women and gave us an insight to her daily work, her struggles and objectives. On the basis of a short introduction to the structure of the Landtag we discussed challenges that Tunisia and its young democracy have to face at the moment and where future challenges might arise. Though the linguistic mash up of English, German and French during the conversation led to some confusion and also frustration, we mostly enjoyed the refreshing and funny nature of our visit. And the butter pretzels.


Tour through the Landtag with Brigitte Lösch

As the rest of the day was very sunny and warm, we enjoyed going hiking to a nearby lake, sitting outside or doing other recreational activities. The day was concluded with a delicious meal at Cafe Stella, a traditional meeting point for Green activists in Stuttgart. Enjoying the cozy atmosphere at the Cafe, we mostly went to bed early to prepare for the upcoming journey to Strasbourg.


Enjoying the sun on the top of the Landtag

The 11th of March – Meeting Terry Reintke in the European Parliament

from Sabrine

The first part of the day was spent in travel stations as the group had to move from Stuttgart to Strasbourg from 6 am to midday, we checked in the hotel at 2pm and then we went to the European parliament at 4pm to discover the institution, listen to the European deputies debating about Russia and the Ukrainian issue and to meet terry (Green party deputy in the European parliaments) who works mostly on the ecological issues and the empowerment of women.


Heading off to Strasbourg

So first, the group spent around 30 minutes in the stages of the European parliament listening to the debate and the interventions of the European deputies. The members experienced the European atmosphere of work and the European way to debate and resolve problems.

The second session started with a brief presentation of terry’s work and a successive presentation for all the members of the exchange group. Terry talked about her work in the parliament and how hard it is for an active young woman to be taken seriously and respected just like other male deputies, she talked about her experience in the elections and then in the working field, stating that women in political life is facing a lot of difficulties and barrios that men don’t usually face, and stating that men generally focus on building a network that may facilitate work for them while women generally are very practical and hard working.


Group Picture with Terry in the European Parliament

And then we met Felix who used to be the spokesman of the green youth and now one of the green deputies coordinators in the European parliament, he explained the specifies of his post and the coordination which requires that he needs to transfer the national and the local level of the citizens wishes to the European level in a smooth and faithful way which needs reformulation of demands to meet the European parliament norms and at the same time reach to positive results.

The group was very fascinated with the architecture of the parliament, they all took a souvenir picture and they left at 6 pm. The group had a free time for the rest of the day to discover Strasbourg – Yay

How can a man support feminism? We asked Felix Banaszak for his opinion:

The project is funded by Germany’s Foreign Office and is part of the German-Tunesian Transformation Partnership.

Das Projekt wird im Rahmen der deutsch-tunesischen Transformationspartnerschaft vom Auswärtigen Amt gefördert.

Seit dem 1. Februar 2014 ist der SPUNK das Online-Magazin des Bundesverbandes der GRÜNEN JUGEND.

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