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daily reports #4

This is a report about the second part of the exange between GRÜNE JUGEND and TFYE from Tunesia. 20 young women from Germany and Tunesia spend 10 days together in Stuttgart and Straßbourg having an exchange. The program is focussed on feminist and ecological topics.

by Henda und Naddi


Thursday, March 12th 2015 -Second day in Strasbourg:

In the morning, we headed to Strasbourg Centre city in which we met our touristic guide who firstly showed us the Strasbourg Cathedral which is the 6th tallest church in the world designed with a gothic style and its construction completed nearly 500 years ago. Then, we took a tour in the old city which ended up at “Place Kléber” and was followed by a boat trip along the river.

20150312_100518 IMG_2162

In the afternoon, we returned back to our hostel to kick off our workshop about European policies on climate change and how climate change is affecting women and emigration movements.

Michael Bloss, the spokesman of the FYEG and an activist from the green party, joined us and moderated the workshop that lasted two hours. In the beginning, Michael tried to give us an overview about climate change, its facts and impacts and raised the questions that activists and policy makers are discussing actually. Then, he explained briefly the main related conflicts to the UNFCCC and Kyoto protocol and how is it necessary to change the economic system to be able to apply the measures of the carbon emissions reduction.


Workshop with Michael

We carried afterwards with the latest preparations for the COP 21 which will take place in Paris in December 2015 and the mobilisation of the young greens and the other CSO’s to make a pressure on the stakeholders with a focus on the “climate Mafia” which consists on the biggest European industries. Michael explained also how the European institutions that are specialized on climate issues works generally and the main activities of the FYEG and its latest projects and partnerships especially the ones that were related to emigration movements. Later, we had a discussion about environmental issues in both Tunisia and Germany.

In the evening, as we were all tired, we decided to order some Indian food in our place while we were evaluating our day.

Stop the climate change right now – Statement of Michael Bloss
Michael Bloss is pointing out the importance and necessity to take action right now (!) in order to stop climate change and to prevent the environment:

Friday, March 13th 2015 -Back to Stuttgart

Early in the morning, we took the train from Strasbourg back to Stuttgart. After lunch, we headed to IFA (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) in which we had a meeting with Sebastian Körber who is the head of media department and other staff members from the different sections .They tried to explain how the IFA is organized all over the world and what are their main projects and achievements in many different fields such as culture, exchange & internship programmes, conflict prevention, intercultural policies etc.


Visit of an art Exhibition organized by IFA

Then, we visited the library that contains about 4000 books and we were guided into an art exhibition hosted by the institution. At night, we took dinner at an Indian restaurant and we had a good time together.


Going back to Stuttgart

Youth mobility for preventing conflicts – Statement of Inga Zoller
Can Youth Mobility be a tool in order to prevent conflicts? Inga Zoller employee of the communication department of ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) is explaining why it is important to strengthen the Youth mobility:

The project is funded by Germany’s Foreign Office and is part of the German-Tunesian Transformation Partnership.

Das Projekt wird im Rahmen der deutsch-tunesischen Transformationspartnerschaft vom Auswärtigen Amt gefördert.

Seit dem 1. Februar 2014 ist der SPUNK das Online-Magazin des Bundesverbandes der GRÜNEN JUGEND.

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