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daily reports #5

This is a report about the second part of the exange between GRÜNE JUGEND and TFYE from Tunesia. 20 young women from Germany and Tunesia spend 10 days together in Stuttgart and Straßbourg having an exchange. The program is focussed on feminist and ecological topics.

by Olfa and Johanna

Saturday, 14th of March 2015 – Workshop Day

An opening workshop about postcolonial perspectives on feminism took place, where the lecturer Zuher Jazmati gave inputs concerning postcolonial feminism theories (ex. Critical Witness Concept). The feministic movement so called “Femen” and the method they are using in order to transmit their political opinion was the core of the discussion with participants about methods to reach the goals.

Another workshop took place, our exchange participant Maren introduced the concept of self-sufficiency, dumpster diving and living on alternatives and self-organized farms. She shared her personal experiences, and we raised the question whether it is a privilege to choose such a life and if poor people find their self-obliged to live that way.

After that, Henda talked about renewable energies situation and policy in Tunisia; she focused in the role of civil society to take action in Tunisia in order to have a clear and alternative policies for renewable energies in Tunisia. We figured out that Germany and Tunisia face many similarities when it comes to the implementation of renewable energies in the society. We summed up, as it is a global issue we need a global solidarity toward a real transition for alternatives energies.

Afifa also prepared a presentation. Her presentation was about racism in Tunisia and the impact of the Revolution on that topic. Before the Revolution minorities were not mentioned or discussed within the public sphere. The Revolution brought the freedom of speech and minorities started to raise their voices. Most of the Tunisian agreed on the fact that there are different ways of thinking on racism among the old generation and the young generation.

The last workshop was about Gender and Sustainability. Olfa presented the concept of sustainable development, gender indicators and analysis tools and we discussed links between gender and sustainability. She explained the importance to consider the double injustice of tacking gender equality and climate change for example, in order to ensure the full and equal participation of women in all climate actions and decision making processes.

Our evening ended with an intercultural Tunisian night party, prepared by the Tunisian participants, they cooked a delicious Tunisian food such ‘Couscous’, we wearied traditional Tunisian clothes celebrating their national day of traditional clothes. We had dances, music and more talks. We are all happy, satisfied and exhausted, after having a very inspiring and informative day.

Sunday, 15th of March 2015 – Evaluation & Future projects

Very interesting exercises to evaluate the whole program took place: A first round of evaluation about the highlight from the second part of the exchange; the participants enjoyed the most the Tunisian revolution workshop with external participant , the visit to the European parliament in Strasbourg, the visit to the Landtag and IFA institute . Of course the socialization and informal sharing

Another exercise was about a huge tree with sustainable Racine (sustainable outputs), fruitfully (positive impact) was drawn for participants to evaluate the program from their perspective.

Judith made a circle of discussion so that everyone can share about some points of evaluations such communication, the group dynamics and the content of the program.

Most of participants explain their motivation to keep the work on, especially in this blog: www.womempowermentblog/

The project is funded by Germany’s Foreign Office and is part of the German-Tunesian Transformation Partnership.

Das Projekt wird im Rahmen der deutsch-tunesischen Transformationspartnerschaft vom Auswärtigen Amt gefördert.

Seit dem 1. Februar 2014 ist der SPUNK das Online-Magazin des Bundesverbandes der GRÜNEN JUGEND.

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