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daily reports #1

This is a report about the second part of the exange between GRÜNE JUGEND and TFYE from Tunesia. 20 young women from Germany and Tunesia spend 10 days together in Stuttgart and Straßbourg having an exchange. The program is focussed on feminist and ecological topics.

by Maren

Friday, the 6th of March 2015

Next stop Stuttgart main station


Hugging crowd blocking path to platform

The long awaited second part of the exchange started with a little misfortune: The Tunisian girls were stuck at the police office in the airport of Frankfurt. Facing the accusation of having faked passports, they spent almost two hours arguing with the police officers. Thanks to the Tunisian negotiation skills, they were able to convince the police, that the passports were valid documents. With a delay the group arrived at the station of Stuttgart and all were so happy to be together again so that we forgot all the troubles.

Kaesespaetzle have been eaten in a cozy atmosphere and were surrounded by latest updates of each participant. The main topic was about the results of the first democratic presidential election, which took place during the first part of the exchange. Absolutely excited about the upcoming days, we started to brainstorm about ideas for activities.

Still motivated we continued our talks in a bar to support our creativity with drinks.


Saturday, the 7th of March 2015

First impressions of Stuttgart

0406_IMG_1973 0406_IMG_1944

Full fueled with “Broetchen”, Cheese and Coffee we started our day in the head office of NABU to talk about the program and to get to know the new members. We exchanged our fears and expectations and searched for opportunities to solve problems in a peaceful way.


Photoshooting on the balcony of the NABU office

We continued with “Scharwarma, Falafel and Ayran” in a nice Lebanese restaurant and explored the city with a guided tour. Our alternative consume critical guide was spontaneously replaced by an art- and history loving guide. The weather was nice but the tour was boring.

0406_IMG_8779 0406_IMG_8784

Charging our batteries with “Veschper” we proceeded to work on an action for the international Woman’s day (8th March). This day was established in reaction to a strike of women in a textile factory to raise awareness for the existing discrimination and oppression of women.

We decided to make a little movie in order to spread it via social media. At about 3 o’ clock in the morning after discussing, filming and cutting we went to bed. We are very proud of the result, so don’t miss to watch the video: “International Women’s Day: Enough Oppression “

The project is funded by Germany’s Foreign Office and is part of the German-Tunesian Transformation Partnership.

Das Projekt wird im Rahmen der deutsch-tunesischen Transformationspartnerschaft vom Auswärtigen Amt gefördert.

Seit dem 1. Februar 2014 ist der SPUNK das Online-Magazin des Bundesverbandes der GRÜNEN JUGEND.

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