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Participate, Act, Change! Day by Day.


Day 1 We are now in Landshut, Germany at the Participate, Act, Change project last part, the youth exhange between Sweden, Norway and Germany. This whole thing started at the spring of 2016. At that time we had been active in our own countries helping refugees and arranging “Refugees welcome”-manifestations. We were all in our countries seeing the situation of migration had been going on television. But we also saw the rise of right-wing politics, more and more openly articulated racism, attacks on refugees, the closure of european borders and many more inacceptable things. We came together and started working on an application to Erasmus+ consisting on two pillars – migration and youth participation. A team wrote the application and six months later the project was granted funding from Erasmus+, woho! In January 2017 we met in Oslo and started talking about how this youth exchange would look. We saw that the Swedish young greens had made an awesome campaign tour to recruit members with unicorn tattoos. The Norwegian young greens had made a great …